In this passage we see how God “upholds the universe by the word of his power” (Heb. 1:3).  Jesus star trekked up to heaven, and the believers are still waiting for the promise of the Spirit, yet the Triune God works in them during this time.  We see what theologians call regeneration occurring here.  After four gospels of hearing about how lame the disciples were and how good they were at missing the point, there is finally a positive light shed on these guys in this passage.  And the author, Luke, made sure that his readers knew that it was the work of God and not themselves.  Regeneration is the visible shifting of affections and behaviors from sin onto Jesus.  Regeneration is the work of the Spirit in a brand new believer. 

We read that they devoted themselves to prayer with one accord, and that Peter, after a major fall-out by denying Jesus, has turned and strengthened the brothers (Luke 22:32), “Peter stood up among the brothers” (Acts 1:15).  This is an act of God the Holy Spirit. 

From there, Peter debriefs the past week or so with the believers.  Totally stressed out, Peter comforts the believers in saying, “Brothers, the Scripture HAD to be fulfilled…” (1:16).  What God says is always fulfilled.  Always.  This is the unwavering purpose of God the Holy Spirit.  This is confirmed in John’s Gospel, “Jesus knew from the beginning…who it was who would betray him” (Jn. 6:64).  It is a huge comfort to know that all things, good or seemingly bad, are within God’s perfect plan for his ultimate glory.  When bad things happen in our world, we can say, “this is really hard, but I can rest in God’s plan that will work out for the good of those who love him (Rom. 8:28)”.  That is the plea that Peter was putting forth for his hurting and confused friends.

From there, the story goes on to tell of another radical trust in God’s plan by casting lots for a new twelfth apostle.  We talked about how casting lots is a lot like rolling dice and trusting that God will guide them.  By casting lots, the apostles left the decision up to God.  We can still trust in God’s plan this way when facing decisions without casting lots, by praying and trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Ponder this…

Are you trusting in God’s perfect plan?  Or are you holding on to some anger because you think your plan is better than God’s?

Can you think of a time, before you became a Christian, when the Spirit regenerated your heart to respond to the Gospel?

What is God calling you to trust in his plan for?