exists to aid in the application and continued meditation on the lessons we talk about on Wednesday nights. defines praxis as, “practice, as distinguished from theory; application or use, as of knowledge or skills”.  The aim of this blogsite is to inform the family and parents of what your youth is learning at youth group and how you can take part in increasing the gospel-teaching in the home.  Youth Group is not an entity in itself, but is designed to be an aid to the teaching in the home.  So, parents, let us band together and teach a new generation how to take Jesus seriously, take his word seriously, and take each other seriously. 

The general flow of the blog will be weekly overviews of the lesson from Wednesday night and some questions to pose to your youth.  There will also be occasional announcements and what-nots to keep everyone informed and in the loop.  Enjoy! And may this blog serve as a tool for increasing our affections for Jesus–beyond Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.